Feedback from talks

I am determined to continue to improve my presentations so have asked most of the audiences I have delivered presentations to over last five years for feedback at the end.

The underlying message was super inspiring, indentifying your own mountains to scale in life, and going for it!
— Hootsuite, London
Enthusiastic, pure, inspirational
— Student @ Cambridge University
I wish I could bottle your spirit and enthusiasm and feed to to most of the young folk I know. You truly are an inspiration!
— Terry O'Keeffe
Loved all the photos, videos, very humorous and info about the environment and charities
— Anon @ Spoken Word, London
Just did not realise how inspiring it would be. Blew me away
— Anon @ Explorers Connect London
Spike is great in print and photos, but he’s best on stage, listened to live.
— Ania Grebosz, Aspirant International Mountain Leader