Feedback from talks

I am determined to continue to improve my presentations so have asked most of the audiences I have delivered presentations to over last five years for feedback at the end.

Feedback stars 03-2017 black & orange.png
The underlying message was super inspiring, indentifying your own mountains to scale in life, and going for it!
— Hootsuite, London
Enthusiastic, pure, inspirational
— Student @ Cambridge University
I wish I could bottle your spirit and enthusiasm and feed to to most of the young folk I know. You truly are an inspiration!
— Terry O'Keeffe
Loved all the photos, videos, very humorous and info about the environment and charities
— Anon @ Spoken Word, London
Just did not realise how inspiring it would be. Blew me away
— Anon @ Explorers Connect London
Spike is great in print and photos, but he’s best on stage, listened to live.
— Ania Grebosz, Aspirant International Mountain Leader